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Welcome to your Kentwood Cat Clinic and Cat Clinic North where we are all about cats! Our cat veterinary hospitals are quiet, calm and compassionate clinics that are entirely dedicated to treating feline veterinary health concerns. Founder and owner Dr. Tammy Sadek is one of only two board certified feline specialists in Michigan. Dr. Sadek and our entire veterinary team are dedicated to providing high quality care exclusively for our feline patients.

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Due to our focus on only treating cats, countless patients are referred to us every year for further advanced treatment. We are all about cats, and only about cats, so our veterinarians and staff are considered authorities on feline veterinary care.

At Kentwood Cat Clinic and Cat Clinic North,
It's ALL About Cats

Our comprehensive cat care services include cat vaccinations, cat dentistry, cat surgery and routine wellness care. From preventive care to advanced soft tissue surgeries, we utilize the latest technology including laser surgery, ultrasound and video otoscopy to keep our feline patients healthy. We are also the only local veterinary hospital to offer radioactive iodine as a treatment for feline thyroid problems. Our in-house laboratory and X-ray facilities ensure immediate results for diagnostic tests. Your cat needs an experienced cat veterinarian who will provide compassionate and cutting edge care.

Preventative care is the core foundation of our cat clinics. Our cat veterinarians strongly believe that both prevention and early detection of health problems are best for your cat. Preventive care not only helps our feline patients live longer, but this care also ensures that your cats are healthy, active and happy throughout their life, including their golden years. Your cat needs annual to semi-annual physical exams complete with appropriate diagnostic blood work and a fecal sample. Preventive tests help our cat veterinarians detect any subtle changes to your feline's health, often before physical signs of illness or disease are present. This is especially important for senior cats, who often suffer from age-related conditions including kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.

We strongly recommend annual cat vaccinations. Our comprehensive vaccine protocols include Rabies, 4 in 1 FVRCPC (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, chlamydia), and FeLV (Feline Leukemia). We also provide the kitten vaccine series, a set of vaccinations administered every three to four weeks from the age of eight weeks to 16 weeks. Older cats and indoor cats may need vaccines less frequently, but still need regular examinations.

Cat veterinarians provide cat vaccinations and cat dentistryCat and kitten dentistry is an important part of cat care. In fact, many of our cat owners are surprised to learn that dental problems are one of the primary causes for overall feline health problems. Without proper care, many cats suffer from advanced periodontal disease. And while dental problems are prevalent in cats, few show signs of illness or discomfort until serious oral health damage has occurred. Plaque and bacteria can build up on your cat's teeth within just hours of your cat's meal. Daily brushing helps combat this build up. However, we recognize that regular brushings can be a challenge. This is one reason that we strongly recommend annual dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. Every feline should receive at least a yearly wellness physical and dental cleanings and vaccination boosters as needed.

Our two convenient clinic locations - Kentwood and Grand Rapids - ensure that all cats in Kent, Ottawa and Allegan Counties have access to experienced feline health care. Our cat veterinarian looks forward to welcoming you and your feline companion into our cat veterinary hospital family!

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